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TheJusticeProject landscape

The Law Council is conducting a comprehensive national review into the impediments to justice in Australia, focusing on those facing significant social and economic disadvantage in our community. The Justice Project will uncover system flaws and ensure the path towards equal access to justice is clearly mapped-out.

cyberprecedent landscape

Cyber Precedent, an information campaign by the Law Council of Australia to assist the legal profession further defend itself against growing cyber threats.

30 April 2017: AFP incident raises concerns about implementation of mandatory data retention laws
The revelation Australian Federal Police recently accessed the private metadata of a journalist without first obtaining a warrant raises concerns about the implementation of mandatory data retention laws, according to the Law Council of Australia.

28 April 2017: Law Council says stronger whistleblower protections are needed
The Law Council of Australia has today told a Senate hearing that whistleblowers protections are inconsistent and should be strengthened.

24 April 2017: Last-minute cancellation of legal assistance funding cuts a great victory for justice and vulnerable Australians
The Federal Government’s cancellation of millions of dollars worth of cuts to legal assistance services is a huge relief with profound consequences for the justice system, and thousands of vulnerable Australians, according to the Law Council of Australia.

29 March 2017: Senate’s powerful message on justice funding crisis should be heeded ahead of Budget
On the second last sitting day prior to the Federal Budget, the Senate has passed a historic motion calling for immediate action on the funding crisis affecting Australia’s legal assistance sector and the Federal Courts.