The Law Council is a federal organisation representing approximately 60,000 Australian legal professionals through its constituent member Bar Associations and Law Societies (known as ‘Constituent Bodies’).

There are 17 Constituent Bodies including the Law Firms Australia.

The Directors govern the Law Council, and meet quarterly to set objectives, policy, and priorities for the Council. The Directors are selected by representation of the Constituent Bodies. Between meetings of Directors, policy and governance responsibility for the Law Council is exercised by the Elected Executive, led by the President.

Selected Directors

  • Mr Ken Archer
  • Ms Sarah Avery
  • Ms Caroline Counsel
  • Mr Daniel Crennan QC
  • Ms Meredith Dickson
  • Mr Ross Drinnan
  • Mr Christopher Gunson SC
  • Mr Matthew Howard SC
  • Mr Christopher Hughes QC
  • Mr Doug Humphreys
  • Mr Tass Liveris
  • Ms Chrissa Tereasa Loukas SC
  • Mr Alain Musikanth
  • Mr Bill Potts
  • Mr Wade Roper
  • Mr Tony Rossi
  • Mr Matthew Verney

Elected Executive

  • Ms Fiona McLeod SC
  • Mr Morry Bailes
  • Mr Arthur Moses SC
  • Ms Pauline Wright
  • Mr Konrad de Kerloy
  • Mr Geoff Bowyer