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Fiji Law Society Virtual Convention

Beyond Law | 22-23 October 2021

In conjunction with the Fiji Law Society, the Law Council of Australia and the South Pacific Lawyers Association invite you to attend a two day online convention on the theme of  'Beyond Law'. 

21st century lawyering goes beyond merely practicing law, and the provision of legal services requires lawyers to be competent in a range of disciplines including law, business, technology and finance. Are we building expertise in areas outside of just the law? Are we positioning ourselves for the future?

The Program

The below topics are included in the program. The full program is availble here.

The Accelerated Future and the Practice of Law Post-COVID
What COVID-19 Taught us About Force Majure, Frustration and Construction Contracts
Computers, Privacy, and Data Protection: The Case for Adopting Data Protection Legislation in Pacific Jurisdictions
Drafting Workshop: COVID-19 and Beyond: Drafting for Future Pandemics and dealing with the Fallout from this One
A Matter of Justice? The Lawyers Rols in the Climate Change Debate
Rule of Law
The Psychology of Lawyers in Litigation and Negotiation
The Future of Supply and Distribution Chains in a Digital World
Advocacy: Developing Skills to Make You a Killer in the Courtroom
Tackling Modern Slavery in the Supply Chain


$350.00 per registration for the two-day event. Registration closes 21 October 2021.

Note: If you are a member of another Law Society in the South Pacific, please contact the Fiji Law Society at for access to a discounted price.

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