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Consumer Rights Award

The Consumer Rights Award will be awarded to an individual who champions the rights of consumers in the promotion of consumer law in Australia. The recipient has made a substantial contribution to the promotion, understanding or protection of consumer rights in their practice of consumer law or in their contribution to the legal, academic or wider community.

The Award is conducted annually by the Australian Consumer Law Committee of the Law Council’s Legal Practice Section. It recognises the range of skills, interests and contributions of those committed to the development and implementation of the law and practices in this field.



Nominations for the 2023 Award are now open and will close 9 June 2023 at 5.00 pm (AEST).  A nominee may self-nominate or be nominated.


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Award, a nominee must be, or in the past 12 months must have been:


Key Criteria

The key criteria for the Award are:

Nominations may be in the form of a letter or document that describes how the nominee meets the above criteria. Supporting references may be provided but are not required.

The recipient of the Award may be invited to become an observer on the Law Council’s Australian Consumer Law Committee for the following year. 


Past recipients

Ms Delia Rickard has awarded the Consumer Rights Award in 2022.



For more information, please contact the Section Administrator:

Chelsea De Silva | Section Administrator, Legal Practice Section
Law Council of Australia

Direct: +61 2 6246 3722



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